Majestic Hiddenbed

This Majestic Hiddenbed comes in Single, Double and Bespoke.

The Majestic Hiddenbed is like the Splendid Hiddenbed but instead of the desk bed folding on its side it folds on its length which allows you to access the bed from either side.

Build your own from the options below:

When folded up the hidden desk bed takes up a space of 104cm wide x 127cm deep x 217cm high.

When folded down the hidden desk bed takes up a space of 203cm. The desk is 90cm x 59cm. There is plenty of room at the back of the the hidden desk bed to take posters or large computer screen.

Converting from desk to bed is very easy and can be converted in seconds by any adult. Items up to 37 cm high can remain on the the hidden desk bed when converted.

A standard mattress 90 cm x 190 cm x 18 cm plus can be used with the hidden desk bed.

The price of the hidden desk bed excludes a mattress. It includes delivery and installation in Ireland.

We can customise your hidden desk bed to your requirements by adding top or side units.

Please see accessories for the various options. You can also have your hidden desk bed finished in a colour of your choice.

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