Making Room for Guests: The Benefits of a Hiddenbed in Your Spare Room

Every one of us has juggled with the dilemma of providing surprise guests a comfortable place for sleeping. When there is limited time on our hands to transform the spare room, which is used as a home office, work out room or walk-in closet, we get flushed with questions of where to start. Should we start by bringing out the mattress, clearing the clutter or relocating the filing cabinet? But with hiddenbed, making room for guests is easy.

These compact pull down beds fits easily even in the crowded rooms. Hence, transforming your spare room for guests becomes a matter of seconds. Besides the benefits of a hiddenbed in your space room include:

1. Keeping up with comfort and fashion

A hiddenbed is stylish and comfortable. Of course, the product’s design and comfort are influenced by the quality of the building materials used as well as the build accuracy and care during the manufacturing process. A high quality sprung mattress topped with breathable  memory foam can improve these qualities.

2. Hiddenbed is multifunctional

Hiddenbeds were initially just hinged beds with no additional space. However, as modern furniture became more prevalent, so did their dynamics. These days, beds have shelves for storage on either side, and some models have even more. Some beds have the ability to be folded up against a wall and used as a sofa.

3. Hiddenbed is customisable

The pull down beds from Hiddenbed Ireland can be adjusted to fit your home, regardless of whether your ceilings are higher or lower or you want the wood grain to match your current decor. If your room is bigger or your ceilings are lower, think about installing a horizontal pull down bed that is mounted on the long side of the bed frame.

For spare rooms with higher ceilings, a vertical pull down bed that is mounted from the short end of the bed might be most effective. For the most storage space, build the shelving and cabinetry around the pull down beds from Hiddenbed Ireland. Select bookcase storage, or consider a model that converts into a desk.

4. Reinvent your space

Hiddenbed lets you reinvent your space banking on its sleek design and customisable qualities. You might have already made an effort to put your unused spare room to better use. Imagine how much more room you would have if there wasn’t clutter taking up the majority of the space!

You can clear out the mess from your spare room by tucking a hiddenbed away. An organised, clutter-free space is more inviting and much more likely to be used.

For example, the Majestic Single model from Hiddenbed Ireland’s fits perfectly in a space measuring 107 cm wide, 119 cm deep, and 200 cm high when folded up. The bed has enough room on the back for a wall of posters or a big computer screen.

Sound space saving, doesn’t it. To get your own customised hiddenbed in your spare room, check out our latest models @

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