The Splendid double hidden desk bed gives you a double sized bed and also a generous size desk. This hidden desk bed is the ideal option for the guest room when you need it……

Splendid Hiddenbed

The Majestic Hiddenbed is like the Splendid Hiddenbed but instead of the desk bed folding on its side it folds on its length which allows you to access the bed from either side…….

Majestic Hiddenbed

The Attractive Hiddenbed is when you need a bed and you want to be able to fold it away but you do not need a desk.We can customise it to your requirements by adding shelves at the back……

Attractive Hiddenbed

The Ritzy Single Hiddened is our most compact model. It’s a full-sized single bed that suits a standard single mattress (900 mm x 1900 mm x 200 mm). In a couple of seconds……….

Ritzy Hiddenbed

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