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Do you need a versatile room that can serve as a study area, office, or hobby space, but find the bed takes up too much space? Discover the perfect solution with the Hidden Desk Bed from Hidden Bed Ireland!

At Hidden Bed Ireland, we offer a wide range of Hidden Desk Beds designed to optimize your living space. Our innovative Hidden Desk Bed features a patented revolutionary balancing mechanism, ensuring that everything on your desktop, even a glass of water, remains in place while the bed is in use. Transition seamlessly from bed to desk with a single, easy movement.

Explore our collection of space-saving Hidden Desk Beds below and transform your room into a multifunctional space today.

The Splendid double hidden desk bed offers a comfortable double-sized bed and a spacious desk. Perfect for guest rooms or home office this hidden desk bed is the ultimate space-saving solution for when you need it.

The Majestic Hidden Desk Bed features a unique design where the desk bed folds along its length, allowing access from either side. This space-saving model combines functionality and elegance, making it our most popular choice for any room.

Majestic Hiddenbed

The Attractive Hidden Bed is ideal for those who need a bed that can be easily folded away without the need for a desk. This model offers a sleek, space-saving solution tailored to your requirements.

Attractive Hiddenbed

The Ritzy Single Hidden Bed is our most compact model. It accommodates a standard single mattress and transitions effortlessly in a couple of seconds from desk to a full-sized single bed that maximizes your space efficiently.

Ritzy Hiddenbed


From precise measurements to 3D interior visualization, our expert design team will guide your project every step of the way.

Schedule a free  consultation today and watch your dream space come to life!

Hear from Our Valued Customers



Bought for my sons room. He’s a student so he’s able to do his study, leave everything on the desk, drop the bed and get straight into it, so he really likes that.


It’s a great invention, a great idea. I use the desk for my work and then when we have people to stay they can come over we put the bed down and they have a great night sleep. A really good idea and a really great product.


’We needed a multifunctional bed for our cabin and Michael came up with the solution. He was fantastic. Hiddenbed set the standards for great customer service.


Absolutely delighted with it, it's great. Its turned the spare room into a really functional office. It's absolutely fantastic and it looks amazing.


We got it in for Christmas and its the best thing ever, absolutely brilliant, delighted with it


Thanks Michael for the great Single Hiddenbed. It really maximises the room and has transformed my box room in to the most utilised room in the house.

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