Busting Myths About Wall Beds

Wall beds have become homeowners’ go-to option when searching for space-saving solutions. They have managed to move up the ladder of home furnishings owing to numerous benefits. The wall bed market is also growing at a steady pace. However, in popular culture, the versatile and compact piece of furniture has been struck with numerous myths about its usage. The stereotypical misconceptions loom over hinting that these beds can debunked.

Here are some common myths about wall beds and their much-needed clarification:

1. Wall beds are unsafe- they come out of their mounts

Wall beds, when installed correctly, are very safe. It’s possible that this misconception about wall beds’ safety resulted from the long-ago use of older models or from scenes in well-known films and TV shows where characters got stuck in a wall bed. Although the scenes were intended to be humorous, they don’t give a true representation of wall beds. Modern wall beds have undergone safety testing, and unlike in movies, they rarely fall from their mounts or cause other issues.

2. Wall Beds are space consuming

Saving space is the whole point of a wall bed! The bed can be stored when not in use, making it the ideal option for turning any room into a sleeping area when necessary. Wall beds are stealthy and maximise the area in your room! When you add a wall bed to any room, such as a craft room, a home gym, an office, or a basement, you can make the most of your available space while still providing comfort for unexpected visitors. Depending on how your room is set up and which option you prefer, you might think about a side mount or vertical mount wall bed.

3. The mattresses are lumpy or old in wall beds

The mattress of your choice can be used with wall beds today, just like any other bed! No need to guess how comfortable your guests will be—you get to choose the mattress for the wall bed frame! These beds are aesthetically made to fit most mattresses, allowing you to get the rest you need after a long day and recharge for the fight the next. You can upgrade to the most comfortable mattresses for yourself or guests because Hidden beds can fit the majority of mattresses.

4. Wall beds aren’t for modern homes

“Big things in small spaces” is the central tenet of urban furniture solutions. And wall beds have become a hot topic when it comes to bedroom furniture. These beds are multifunctional and space-saving, giving homeowners the freedom to alternate between comfort and convenience.

It has crept into rooms to give homeowners the satisfaction of comfortable sleep and installing beds in small spaces because hidden beds are simple to fold and unfold.

5. Wall beds can be self-installed

Although you can buy a prefabricated wall bed frame and mattress to install on your own, you should make sure you know how specifically for your space if you’ve never installed one before. You can achieve your objectives and maximise your space with the aid of a design professional. By placing your trust in a product you haven’t seen, you’ll miss out on the high-quality customer service provided by professionals who have been doing it for years.

6. Wall beds aren’t suitable for everyday use

Sleeper sofas, air mattresses, and futons are the majority of space-saving bed options, but they are only useful temporarily. Nobody wants to spend every night on one. However, Murphy beds are cosy, quick to assemble, and strong. Even with nightly use, a high-quality Murphy bed will last fifteen years or longer. Additionally, since you can leave the bedding in place while your wall bed is folded away, you won’t need to make it every morning.

7. Wall beds cannot be disassembled

You may be renting or unsure of your commitment to owning a wall bed. No issue! The majority of wall beds can be easily disassembled, and the better ones can be moved and reinstalled numerous times. The best part is that when units like those from Hiddenbed Ireland are removed, it’s difficult to tell that anything was ever there.

8. Wall beds are not stylish

If the wall bed you have in mind is an old wooden wardrobe with metal fold-out legs, you are pardoned. Even cabinet wall beds are frequently unattractive; they frequently appear to belong in a spare bedroom from the 1980s. Fortunately, design is still improving, and some units now include sofas, desks, dining tables, and surrounding storage to create a seamless configuration deserving of an architectural digest feature.

In reality, wall beds from Hiddenbed Ireland are an advantage for small spaces owing to its compactness and sleek design. If you were also a victim of such myths and deterred from buying one, it’s time to rethink your decision.

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