Hidden Bed vs. Murphy Bed: Which One is the Best for You?

Your bed is your comfort zone. Be it spending some me-time, relaxing, or enjoying a cozy afternoon with your favorite ones, your bed is the best place for you. However, with the growing popularity of minimalistic living, the idea of bulk furniture like beds is going obsolete. Now, it is the era of beds that have some other utilities as well. Well, we are talking about Hidden beds and Murphy beds – the two names that first pop up in your search. With some similar features and almost the same goal, these are two types of beds with utility that have become the buzzword in home utility and decor. Both of these beds have different and unique advantages and this is why people get confused at the time of picking up any one of them. Here is a blog to help you make up your mind.

Murphy Bed

Is space a real issue at your home? A Murphy bed can be your perfect pick. When not in use, a Murphy bed may be tucked up against an interior wall, freeing up the important floor space beneath it. Some people could even suggest that Murphy beds are among the most adaptable double-duty beds available.

The Murphy bed is named after its creator, William L. Murphy, as one might anticipate. The San Francisco native created a bed that could neatly fold into a wardrobe around the turn of the 20th century, therefore enlarging an already constrained space.

Hidden Bed

The idea of a hidden bed is slightly different from the former. The concept of a hidden bed is better comprehensible if it is called a desk bed. You can use the furniture in two ways – one is as the bed and the other is as a desk. While the bed is in use, everything, including a glass of water, can remain on the desktop – the credit goes to the ground-breaking balancing mechanism. A single step can turn your cozy bed into a workable desk. It doesn’t not only free up some extra space in your room but also can transform your bedroom into your workstation.

Which One To Choose

We defined two types of beds in the most transparent way so that the concept can be crystal clear to you. You have to understand your requirement prior to choosing any of the two. If your home is stuffed and you just need some extra space, Murphy beds are good for you. However, if your requirement is a little more than just having some extra space, you should consider a hidden desk bed. With it, maybe, you can get a whole room for some other purposes. If the addition of one piece of furniture can transform your room into a bedroom and workplace/study room, nothing can beat the utility of that furniture.

When the advanced mechanism is offering you beyond your expectation, isn’t it futuristic to accept it? Think about it.

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