Maximizing Space: How Hiddenbeds Can Transform Your Home Office or Guest Room

Maximizing space is the pre-requisite for modern living. With home spaces turning into home offices and spare rooms into guest rooms, every nook and corner of residential flats are yearning for transformation. Hence, the trend for compact beds is running parallel with modular kitchen, bed rooms etc.  

Compact bed per se aren’t beds which can fit in small spaces. They are much more. Hiddenbed Ireland has pioneered a first-in-class line of compact beds. A useful and fashionable piece of furniture, Hiddenbed Ireland’s wall beds provide creative solutions for small spaces. These compact beds should be at the top of your list of things to think about, whether you’re trying to transform your home office or guest room.

The combination of a guest room and office is one of the most common uses for a Hiddenbed Ireland’s compact beds. Many homeowners are looking for ways to maintain an attractive guest room space that still functions during the work week because more people than ever are working from home or starting their own businesses, turning spare bedrooms that were once guest bedrooms into functional and attractive office spaces.

Hiddenbed Ireland’s Splendid Hiddenbed is its most basic offering in the compact bed category. It folds against the wall either horizontally or vertically and can be pulled out when you need a place for a visitor to spend the night. You can simply fold it back up in the morning to free up your room’s floor space for daytime activities like playing, working, exercising, and more. It comes in three variants of single, double and bespoke.

You can convert a room into a multipurpose area with Hiddenbed Ireland’s fold up compact beds bed without sacrificing style. Create a guest room/office combination that fits your lifestyle out of a spare bedroom or an unusable corner of your apartment.

Whether you have higher or lower ceilings or want the wood grain to blend in with your existing décor, Hiddenbed Ireland’s compact beds can be tailored to fit your house. Consider a horizontal wall bed that is mounted on the long side of the bed frame if your room is larger or your ceilings are lower. A vertical wall bed, which is mounted from the short end of the bed, may work best in homes with higher ceilings or narrower rooms. Customize the shelving and cabinetry around your Hiddenbed Ireland’s compact beds, choose bookcase storage, or think about a model that transforms into a desk for the most storage space.

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