Hiddenbed Maintenance: Tips for keeping your space-saving furniture in top order

Hiddenbeds or pull down beds have been slipping into bedrooms primarily owing to its space-saving features. Evolved from the likes of Murphy beds,…

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The Biggest Trends in Pull Down Beds We’ve Seen This Year

Pull down beds have lately secured its position in the furniture industry owing to its multifunctional and transforming abilities. Its popularity grows by…

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Making Room for Guests: The Benefits of a Hiddenbed in Your Spare Room

Every one of us has juggled with the dilemma of providing surprise guests a comfortable place for sleeping. When there is limited time…

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Wall Beds

Busting Myths About Wall Beds

Wall beds have become homeowners’ go-to option when searching for space-saving solutions. They have managed to move up the ladder of home furnishings…

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Innovative Design: How Hiddenbed is Revolutionizing the Furniture Industry

Modern living has been characterized by state-of-the-art furniture designs. From chairs to beds, all exhibit multifunctional applications, neutral colors, are visually light, incorporate…

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